Yeti came to me as a puppy when he was 9 weeks old, given away by his original family after just a few days. His first exam visit revealed some significant cardiac issues, and I was referred to Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital by my primary veterinarian. Yeti was examined by Dr. Goodwin a number of times between December 2016 and June 2017. Dr. Goodwin recommended he undergo a balloon valvuloplasty procedure, which was done in late July. The procedure went smoothly and Yeti is now doing very well. My experience at Northeast Veterinary has definitely been very positive. Not just with Dr. Goodwin, but with all members of his support team as well. Everything was explained thoroughly, a clear plan was implemented, and I always felt we were in very capable hands throughout the entire process. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and I highly recommend Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital.

Craig Cirelli


Lucy was recently taken to NVRH. She was having diarrhea and could not use her rear legs to get up. We took her to the hospital and found out she had a gastrointestinal infection. She was also alightly dehydrated. The experience we had at the hospitral was wonderful. They took great care of Lucy. We were called several times to give us an update on her progress. They gave her IC fluids and she was given different medicines. Lucy saw Dr. Leonard. She was very good at explaining Lucy's condition and helping Lucy feel 100% better. I also would liek to say that the receptionist, Anita, was so helpful when we called the hospital and when Lucy was brought into the hospital. We brought Lucy to the NVRH because Lucy visited Plains Animal Hospital for her vet visits. Everyone at NVRH were so informing , friendly and understanding to my pet's needs. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who needs emergency care for their pet.

Kimberly Schultz


I wanted to take the time to write a "Thank you!" to the staff of Northeast Veterinary Referral And Emergency Hospital. On July 4th , Sasha, a 3 year old Labrador/Akita/Boxer mix, experienced an injury to her tail. The cause of the injury was unknown at the time. She had no visible marks or swelling yet she was in obvious pain and was holding her tail straight down and could not sit. Since it was late in the day, and a holiday, our regular veterinarian was unavailable. My friend has used Northeast Veterinary Referral And Emergency Hospital before and recommended that we go there. Read More...

John Kardel


After complications following surgery for dog bloat our vet recommended Northeast to treat him. From the moment we arrived with Murphy , our 4 year old labradoodle, we realized the high quality of care he would receive. Dr. Von Esse explainedthe treatment Murphy would receive, and made us fully understand his condition. Dr. Clarke called us regularly with udpates. Murphy spent two days at Northeast and has fully recovered from this critical condition. We are so appreciative to have our Murphy well, happy and back to his playful self. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts@@

Lee Ann Stokes


Quickly found Pepper hiding, which is not normal for heart us.Her abdomen was bloated and she was whimpering in pain. She did not want to be snuggled and was growling in pain. She had no health problems so we knew something was up. Our first thought was to take her to NVRH. Two coworkers of mine had positive experiences at NVRH, so off we went. It was about 10pm when we arrived. The staff was absolutely wonderful from the minute we stepped in the door! While I was filling out Pepper’s paperwork, I observed a couple that has just lost a pet. Read More...

Jill Holcomb


Angelo had been rescued as a stray and within a few days got very sick. I rushed him to NVRH and after diagnostics was informed that he has Distemper with very slim odds of survival. I just couldn't "not try". Dr Nord admitted Angelo to the hospital and setup a plan to proceed. Dr. Nord, Dr Clarke and Dr. Martin worked around the clock along with all the nurses and staff to save my sweet Angelo's life. He is doing so well now and I am grateful everyday that NVRHwas there to help us.

Brenda Bartlett


Northeast Veterinary Hospital was a godsend. When Cinder had bleeding after surgery and required a emergency blood tranfusion, they were our heroes. The care Cinder received was amazing and now she is back to her wild self. Thank you everyone at the hospital for saving my baby!

Kaitlyn Moran


I am new to the Pittston Pennsylvania area. A couple weeks ago, around midnight, my dog's anal sac spontaneously ruptured. He had an opened wound and was bleeding on the floor. He means the world to us and did not look like he was doing well. Recently moving from a more rural area, I was doubtful I would find a facility that could care for him at this hour. I got online and found the Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital. They had excellent reviews. I called them and they told me that my dog could be seen right away. Within 10 minutes I was there. As a physician myself, I was impressed with the facility, cleanliness, compassion the staff showed, and with their sense of urgency. My beloved dog was promptly triaged/provided with pain control and care. Moments later the veterinary doctor was updating me on his status.


Happy Client


We had to bring our dog, Onyx, to a hospital because her regular vet was pretty sure she'd torn her cruciate ligament and they're not equipped to handle that. We brought Onyx to NVRH because she'd seen Dr. McBrien there about 4 years ago and he was wonderful. Dr Hassinger did Onyx's surgery this time, it was clear he's very knowledgable on the subject and that he really cares about Onyx. All of the staff at NVRH have been very helpful and that really made this entire process as painless as possible!

Liana Lang

Bentley & Penny

On March 4th our Vet, Dr. Valese was out and I called Andrew Church who referred me to your hospital. My dogs, Bentley and Penny were having issues with excessive (extreme) thirst (need for water) and no real interest in eating their meals. Thank god I decided not to wait until Monday. They were taken in for blood work and my husband and I met with Dr. Phillips and discussed all that was occurring with both dogs. I also disclosed my greatest fear that they ingested poison. On February 26th my husband had gone into the crawl space to change the water filter and the dogs had followed him. An exterminator had treated my crawl space in late December for mice and squirrel infestation. When the test results came in, Dr. Phillips told us of the findings making my concerns true.


Monica and Dan Gallagher


I was referred to NVRH by the Wallenpaupack Animal Clinic. My 13 year old cat, Phoebe, had a badly infected tumor on her back leg. The clinic was unable to perform an amputation because she was so anemic and needed a transfusion and 24 hour care. Thus, they sent me to NVRH with assurances that you were both knowledgeable and compassionate. The operation was successful and Phoebe returns tomorrow to have her stitches removed and to get an explanation of the pathology report. I can't say enough about the fantastic communication system that NVRH has. I received phone calls about her progress. I was able to call anytime if I had questions about home care. I even received calls from the surgeon, Jessica Kinsey, related to Phoebe 's health. I would certainly recommend this group to anyone who is looking for an animal hospital that goes out of their way to make both the pet and the pet's guardian comfortable. You get five stars in my book!

Frankie Crookes


It was a normal day going to work, Cosmo was jumping around as usual as we departed. When I arrived at work something felt different. Then I realized I never took my pills for the day, I left them on the table. Immediately I left work and came home. I looked for my pills, HBP, water, arthritis and U.T.D, but they were gone. I noticed one of the chairs was moved. Cosmo took my pills!!!

I called animal poison control. They advised going to a vet hospital quickly. We did, to the Northeast Veterinary Hospital. They took our Cosmo and treated him for 2 days, gave him IV's & medicine for what he ate of mine, and blood work.

All I can say is thank you Dr. Martin and your entire staff. I don't know how much danger Cosmo was in, but all of you gave us back a healthy Cosmo for which my wife and myself will be forever grateful.

David Sedorovich


We first took Queenie to our veterinarian, Dr Stair. After examining Queenie, Dr Stair stated that there was a tumor on the left side of Queenie’s neck. Dr Stair referred us to NVRH for further evaluation. We contacted NVRH and an appointment was given very quickly. Upon arrival at NVRH, we were greeted by numerous staff members. We cannot say enough about them. They were very friendly and compassionate towards both us and Queenie. They did not rush us in any way. If we had specific questions, they took the time to answer all of them. We then met with Dr Jessica Kinsey in reference to a biopsy and surgery. Dr Kinsey was very kind and considerate. Dr Kinsey took the time to speak with us and showed tenderness and caring to Queenie. We cannot say enough about Dr Kinsey and every staff member we had interaction with at the facility. We highly recommend NVRH.

Paul Roberts

Killian & Waffles

Our Veterinarian, Dr. Mark Stair is a remarkable GP for our pets, but always encourages us to seek out the services of NVRH for emergency, acute, and specialized pet medicine. We have used your services in the past for our 10 year old cocker spaniel "Waffles" when Dr. Stair suspected a 'mass' in his abdomen and it was confirmed he had a rather large tumor on his spleen.

Doctors at NVRH examined "Waffles" and gave us the facts regarding his disease, prognosis, and what we could reasonably expect from any treatment and his quality-of-life end of days. NVRH treated both my wife and I and "Waffles" with exceptional care and dignity. "Waffles" survived for the months NVRH vets had predicted, but his days were extremely happy and fulfilled, right to the end!

So were OURS! We knew from that experience we could TRUST NVRH with all our and our pet's needs...

Our current 'patient' remains our 17 year old orange tabby cat "Killian" who is suffering from urinary and kidney problems. His story is on-going... But will likely make 19... :)

Joe Supulski


We brought Harvi to Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital in Plains on October 14th,2016 after she had been sick for about 5 days with what we thought was a stomach bug. That night she suffered a seizure and, even though she has been diagnosed with epilepsy for two years prior and was taking medication for it, she hadn't had one for almost 2 years so we were very concerned. Read More...

Kelly Vinnacombe


Madison was paralyzed in March for unknown reasons. Had her to several vets and a Neurologist. Neurologist advised it was not worth doing an MRI to find the problem. Whatever it was would need surgery and he was 99% sure she would never walk again. He even suggested euthanasia. I decided to try hydrotherapy at Northeast Veterinary Referral Hospital and we did accupuncture as well. Madison was back on her feet in no time walking by herself again.

Kristen Bauchspies


I noticed a small lump on Mittany’s left side near his lowest rib while petting him. On his next visit to the vet, I showed it to her and she suggested an xray of the area and a needle aspiration. When the results came back from the lab, they were not conclusive or reassuring. My vet suggested a biopsy to take the whole thing out. My husband and I were concerned but not sure about what to do because of Mittany’s age. He was at least 12 years old. I felt we had to do something. Read More...

Jan H. Ambrutis


Lex had surgery to repair his right knee several years ago. He ultimately tore the ACL and Meniscus in his left knee. My wife and I explored a couple different options. Our conversation with Dr. Hassinger was both informative and put our mind at ease that NE Vet was the best option.

The surgery was explained to us in detail. All prices were upfront and ultimately came in lower than quoted. Four short weeks after Lex had his knee repaired he was visiting the staff at the rehab center at NE Vet. They were wonderful. He was at full speed in two months. The follow up by the staff was above and beyond.

Morrell Devlin


Jack hurt his right hind leg playing with our cat and was limping bad. He could not put much weight on it. He took the prescribed meds and we rested him. He is now doing fine.

Tony Prudente


I just wanted to send an update regarding our dog, Brewsky, who was treated there after being hit on July 2nd. He is doing fabulous! I've attached a video of his most recent progress. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped care for him during such a critical time especially Dr. Yamaguchi, Dr. Von Esse, and Dr. Leonard.

Erin Charnick


Bella was recently hospitalized and found to have severe anemia, shortness of breath, and anorexia. She went from glorious 5 mile walks with her partner-in-crime, Cooper, to being unable to stand or walk within a matter of days. Thanks to the stellar care by Dr. Runde and the rest of the staff at NVRH, Bella is again joining Cooper for long walks, finding mischief around the house and in terrorizing their feline friend, Oliver. With NVRH's continued support, I feel confident Bella will celebrate her 11th birthday in November - something I wasn't sure about only a few short weeks ago. Thank you!

Tim Moran

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