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When your pet is admitted to our hospital he/she will be identified with a hospital ID collar. This collar is similar to the ‘hospital bracelets’ that people wear when they are in the emergency room. It identifies your pet by name and includes your contact information. He/she will be cared for in one of our hospital wards and attended by veterinary nurses. Comfortable bedding is provided unless the doctor orders special accommodations. Please do not bring your pet’s bedding or toys from home. Due to the nature of our hospital wards, we will not be able to accept these items for placement with your pet.


We understand that it is important for you to know how your pet is doing while he or she is hospitalized. We try to balance our time on the phone with our time by your pet’s side providing compassionate care. Our goal is to provide you with two updates per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Doctor shifts change at 8am and 8pm. As new doctors arrive, they communicate with each other on all of the cases and perform physical exams on all the patients. We will call you with a morning update between 10am and noon and an evening update between 8 pm and 10pm. If you don’t hear from us by noon (for a morning update) or 10pm (for an evening update) feel free to give us a call.

We understand that your whole family is eager to know how your pet is doing in the hospital, however answering phone calls from multiple members of your family detracts from the time we spend providing patient care. If there are multiple family members or friends that would like an update, please appoint one contact person who will take responsibility to receive the updates for your pet and share that information with others. If at any time, your pet changes for the worse, we will be calling to you almost immediately to allow you to participate in the decision making process.


An important part of our communication while your pet is staying with us is providing you with financial information. NVRH is a 24 hour emergency and critical care center staffed by veterinarians trained in internal medicine, critical care and surgery. Your pet’s estimate for care includes a plan for optimal therapeutic and diagnostic evaluation. At admission, we require the low end of the estimate as a deposit. That is the amount we expect to spend given the specifics of your pet’s situation. Open communication about this difficult subject will help us be a better guide to you in the decision making process. There are, unfortunately some disease processes that cannot be handled on an outpatient basis and admission to ICU is required. We will communicate with you if this is the case so that you can make appropriate decisions.


Patients admitted to our hospital fall into several different categories. Some are in stable condition and will be discharged the same day. Others will require several days of hospitalization. If your pet must stay over several days, we encourage visitation. You should call to arrange a time for visitation. Ideally, we will be able to accommodate you as soon as you arrive, however due to emergency circumstances, you may have to wait to see your pet. In order to provide you some privacy, we will put you and your pet into an exam room to visit in a quiet surrounding. If your pet is on IV fluids and/or receiving regular treatments you will be asked to minimize your visiting time to a maximum of 20 minutes. Patients requiring oxygen or those on many intravenous infusions cannot be removed from the ICU. If this situation arises, we try to arrange a time when you can come into the ICU for a quick visit, usually 10 minutes or less.


We sincerely hope that your pet does well while in the hospital and is soon able to return home. When that time arises, the doctor or a veterinary nurse will contact you to arrange a discharge time. We do our best to have discharge instructions and medications ready at the arranged discharge time. You will receive comprehensive written discharge instructions. If you have any questions, a veterinary nurse or doctor will be happy to answer them prior to discharging your pet. We want to ensure your pet returns home with everything he/she needs for a continued recovery. If further questions arise after returning home, feel free to give us a call.

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