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We offer the treatment of a wide array of surgical conditions including orthopedic, soft tissue, neurologic, oncologic (cancer), and thoracic conditions. Surgical procedures are performed using the latest in pain management techniques and the safest anesthetic protocols. We also perform abdominal ultrasounds for livers, gall bladders, spleens, kidneys, pancreatic and urinary bladder problems as well as offering cardiac ultrasounds for heart and lung problems. Our internal medicine department is trained in services that include: endoscopy, colonoscopy, rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, diagnostics and therapeutics for endocrine and infectious diseases such as Cushing’s, Addison’s, thyroid or electrolyte disorders, diabetes, lyme disease and leptospirosis. We also offer physical rehabilitation services that include aquatic therapy (underwater treadmill, pool, or whirlpool), therapeutic laser, acupuncture, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, massage, joint mobilizations, hot and cold therapy, passive range of motion, stretch, and therapeutic exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

NVRH is a state of the art clinic that provides 24-hr care. Our services include in house blood machines, ultrasound, ct scanning, digital radiography, oxygen supplementation, blood transfusions and surgical services. In addition to our Emergency Veterinarians, our staff includes two Surgeons and a residency trained doctor in Internal Medicine. We also offer cardiology, acupuncture, and physical rehabilitation services by appointment only.
Yes. A copy of your pet’s medical record, including any diagnostics, will be sent to your regular veterinarian.
NVRH encourages you to follow up with your regular veterinarian for ongoing care and treatment after discharge.
You will be presented with an estimate, which includes a release giving us consent to treat your pet. A deposit is required prior to any medical, surgical, or emergency care being provided. You will be personally updated by the attending veterinarian overseeing your pet’s care each day.
The cost of veterinary care will vary depending on the care your pet needs, the length of stay and other medical concerns, such as the age or other conditions your pet may have. At the time of your visit, our doctors will discuss the best treatment options for your pet’s condition. We will provide you with a detailed estimate for your pet’s care at that time. Our goal is to work with you as a team to provide the best quality care for your pet at a reasonable cost and within your financial budget. Full payment is expected at the time services are rendered.
Initial appointments usually take 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your pet’s condition. Recheck exams usually only take about 30 minutes.

Emergency Exams: Just like human emergency rooms, our pet patients are triaged (examined in the order of the severity of their condition), so wait time will vary depending on how many pet’s require emergency care at the time of your visit.

New clients should arrive 15 minutes early to check in. A technician will obtain a brief medical history and your pet’s vital signs. The veterinarian will examine your pet and discuss your pet’s condition and further diagnostic and therapeutic options available. You will be provided with a cost estimate.
Our Internal Medicine Doctor and surgeons see patients on referral from your primary care veterinarian. You or your veterinarian may schedule the appointment by calling 570-208-8844 during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. Remember no appointment or referral is necessary for our emergency service.
NVRH exists to provide care and emergency services to dogs and cats. We work with each pet’s primary veterinarian to ensure that the highest level of care is available at all times. Our doctors strongly believe in the importance of the relationship that exists between a pet and their primary veterinarian. The primary veterinarian plays the same role for an animal that a family physician plays in caring for your family. As such, they are often in a better position to care for your pet. Because we believe so strongly in the role that the primary veterinarian plays in caring for your pet, we have created a policy which prevents us from offering services that your primary veterinarian could provide. Although pet owners sometimes see this as an inconvenience, the benefit to each pet far outweighs this inconvenience.

The gestation period of most animals is approximately 58-64 days. Fetal skeletons can be evaluated by x-ray after 45 days. We recommend a survey radiograph to see how many kittens or puppies you should be expecting. At the time of birthing, we generally see most mothers nesting and seeking isolation, and they should be kept as calm and comfortable as possible. Expect a puppy every 45 to 60 minutes. Generally, there are 10-30 minutes of hard contractions with each puppy. If the mother is having frequent and hard contractions for over an hour, or if she takes longer than 4 hours between puppies (given you know how many babies she is having), she should be seen by a veterinarian. Cats tend to queen a litter faster than dogs. They can occasionally take up to 24 hours to birth an entire litter, however cats tend to not have as much difficulty birthing unless they are young or nervous.

Puppy/Kitten Care: Help clean the airways and remove the sac around the kitten or puppy to make sure they are breathing. Immediately place them back with their mother to be cleaned and start nursing. You should seek IMMEDIATE veterinary attention if the mother shows any of the following clinical signs:

  • She appears to be in pain.
  • She is having strong contractions for 30-60 minutes without a baby produced.
  • Greater than 4-6 hours between babies. (If you are expecting more puppies)
  • There is a puppy (or kitten) stuck in the birth canal. (Please do not attempt to remove yourself)
  • More than 65 days have passed since breeding.
  • If she passes a green-colored or malodorous discharge from the vagina.
Yes. The veterinarian will contact you between 10am to noon and 10pm to midnight to give an update on your pet’s progress. They will discuss any changes in condition, further diagnostics that may need to be performed, and treatment plans.
Unfortunately no, NVRH cannot accept any payment plans. We do offer Care Credit which is a credit card that you can apply for over the phone or online. Approval takes just a few minutes. Click and follow the instructions. If you need further assistance, our Client Services team can help you.
Upon arrival at our hospital, your pet will be assessed, a history will be obtained, and the doctor will perform a comprehensive examination before making recommendations for treatment. A treatment plan will be discussed with you at this time and you will be given an estimate for the cost of services. We will do our best to work within the budget you have established for your pet’s needs.
NO! That is why we are here, to be with your pet when your regular veterinarian is closed. We always have a doctor and caring nurses on premises whenever your pet is hospitalized. We will take care of any needs that may arise during their hospitalization.
In the unfortunate event that your pet cannot survive the illness or trauma it has suffered, we offer painless euthanasia and cremation services. You may also choose to privately care for your pet after it is deceased.